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There is no 'basic' or 'common' in Arcazin. To offset the language barrier, most characters will start off with some neighboring languages.

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Primae hosts many cultures of many races, allowing for a wide variety of languages.  Below is a list of the most common tongues.

Stihlish [stil-ish] - The native tongue of the Stihl Empire had origins dating near the end of the Age of Primae's Blossoming.  As millenia had passed, the original language meanings had changed but the phonetics and grammar hadn't evolved significantly.  As the Empire had expanded its borders the neighboring kingdoms had many who were fluent in stihlish.  In current times stihlish is the most common language known among mortalkind in Primae.

Sklavi [sklah-vee] - The slave language of Sklavi came from an ancient dialect of a pre-stihl tribe located south of current Stodolum.  The name of the original dialect was lost to time, and scholars of the empire renamed the dialect to 'sklavi'.  It was a very simple and uncomplicated language and the translation of sklavi to stihlish meant 'mud head'.  For centuries it was popular belief that conquered foreigners or individuals born into slavery didn't have the mental capacity to learn the more complex stihlish language and instead were taught the language for simple and effective communication.

Daranen [dah-rahn-en] - Through countless trade negotiations and dealings the language of the Daran Republic has influenced the lexicon of many.  One would be hardpressed to find an educated citizen of the Stihl Empire who couldn't speak daranen fluently.  The Rakuul Judicature's long history of peace and commerce with the Republic made learning daranen a standard curriculum for rakuuli education.  The origins of daranen are attributed to tribes that lived in the Noudura Weald and gained popularity due to its aesthetically pleasing phonetics and spread throughout Rendigra.

Rakuuli [rah-kool-ee] - Of the human made languages Rakuuli is the oldest.  The language, when written, was originally comprised of glyphs (known present day as old rakuuli), but as the language evolved the glyphs turned into script utilizing a large variety of characters.  Rakuuli is an extremely complex language and for most it can be difficult to learn.  Many traders of the Daran Republic as well as elven diplomats of Ma Zilezta are commonly fluent in the language.

Old Rakuuli - The ancient language of old rakuuli actually predates the creator of the Judicature, Tu'sera Rakuul (the language was utilized in a large region that became the Judicature, and was named after her.).  Scholars suggest that old rakuuli was inspired by ancient glyphs and cuneiform from dwarven ruins that exist all throughout the Aht'Debata mountain ranges.  In present day Rakuul, the glyphs are utilized for ornamental purposes in architecture.  Historians and mages are typically the most common individuals to learn the language.

Syl [sahyl] - The dead language of the prime elves was extensive and much of it seemed to be lost to time.  Scholars, scribes, mages, adventurers, and historians throughout the years have gone on archaelogical digs to uncover the mysteries of the ancient language and though much has been uncovered, the collection of knowledge is not complete.  The language is of magical properties and glows in the presence of skystone, and if spoken incorrectly results may be dire.  There is record of a scribe who uncovered an unknown verb of old syl.  The scribe meant to say 'to warm', but their inflection and pronounciation wasn't accurate.  The mispronunciation, in result, discovered a new formerly lost verb which was 'to ignite'.  The scribe suffered terrible burns when their robes went to blazes.  The current elves of Primae had languages loosely based off of the foundations of syl.

Coruthalen [kohr-ooth-ah-len] The coruthal, or eastern elves, of Ma Zilezta speak the oldest living elven language.  Coruthalen predates the Magronaer - Sylvai conflict, and was the most prominent language of all elven civilizations before the Scattered Exile.  Like all elven languages, coruthalen is influenced heavily by Syl and retains a small portion of magical properties with certains words.  The coruthal consider themselves the direct descendants of the Sylvai Sovereignty much in part to them holding on to their ancient language.  It is recognized that the language has the potential to manipulate plantlife and fire.

Galithian [gah-lith-ee-un] - The galith or northern elves kept to themselves in the bitter cold northlands of Ov Ladarethen.  Emissaries and some traders had been able to earn some level of trust with the southern clans and were taught the galithian language.  The language is rougher on the tongue than the poetic flow of caruthalen or the mischevious tone of araganese, and it is assumed that the proximity and frequent interactions with the dwarves of Myndynagaer influenced the development of the language.  Legends say the language holds the power to manipulate wind and water.

Aragenese [air-ah-gen-eez] - The aragen or western elves were considered the most unfriendly of the Primae elves, and it was difficult for any outsiders to be willingly taught the language.  Eventually an arch-mage was able to earn the trust of an aragen, and was taught aragenese.  The arch-mage created a series of tomes for the purpose of teaching aragenese to others and was able to do so.  The youthful cadence of aragenese has created the nickname 'rascal's voice' for the language.  It is said araganese holds the power to manipulate earth and monstrous wildlife.  

Kaffarn [kahf-fahrn] - Kaffarn, the hearty and gruff language of the dwarves of Primae.  This language was wildly known and quick to be taught to any non-speakers as dwarves dispised repeating themselves or being misunderstood in word (dwarves are very deliberate in their intent.).

Gnomerran [nom-er-ran] -  The fast paced and whirling language of the gnomes was spoken very seldomly within the mountain cities of Myndynagaer due to the impatience of dwarves constantly having to demand gnomes to slow down or repeat themselves.  Gnomerran was spoken most in the Commonwealth or between gnomes.  The language was better suited for written word where individuals could take their time to comprehend the words in front of them. Gnomes are quick to teach their language, but almost always regret the decision, as pupils would speak the language at an excruciatingly slow pace.

Kvochi [k voh-kee] - The halfling nomads of Primae chose not to have a land they call home, but a common language was something the Kvochi could commit to.  The Kvochi had never been considered sentimental in terms of material items (they had to create a word for heirloom in trade as the concept was completely foreign to them.) but their language is deemed sacred and is rarely shared.  The halflings tend to pick up other languages rather than give theirs away.  No one was positive as to why they never shared their language, but most stihlish merchants declared it was for the intent of immoral trade and leveraging distrust to their advantage.

Ogcrogar [Awg-croh-gar] - The primary language of the orckind of Ry Fel Gar. The language was a hodge podge of orc and ogre words to make a mainstream language for the denizens (usually for terms during raids). Though the language is widely used by the majority of orckind (orcs, ogres, trolls, kobolds, etc.), there are numerous clans that stick to their own tribal languages out of spite or pride.

Xaxix [zaks-ziks] - The goblins of Primae boasted one of the most difficult languages to learn. To the ear of a commoner the goblin language would sound like a series of 'x' sounds with some muddled vowels. A talented linguist would be able to pick up on the finer nuanced phonetics and inflections of the goblin language to decpher the different meanings.

Other Languages

Empyraecal - Language of the Gods, if spoken to a mortal their head might explode

Astralus - Angelic language

Abyssal - Daemonic language

Necromus - Language of the Dead

Dracothos - Language of dragons

Arcanum - Magic language translated from basic Syl

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