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Arcazin has many walks of life from the noble to the infamous, the artistic and the ruthless. Some are known due to their status as an influential ruler, or their tales have been sung by countless bards throughout the respective continent or world. The individuals listed under Commonly Renowned are ones that nearly every character would know, either due to proximity of region or by rolling a simple Gather Information skill check with a DC of 5. The Campaign Encounter section contains notable people met through adventures.

Commonly Renowned Edit

Imperatus Galerian Kaen [Stihl Empire]

Supreme ruler of the Stihl Empire

Premier Executora Zefira Monteille [Daran Republic]

Highest seat of the High Panel and leader of the Daran Republic

Rani Nala Abarash [Rakuul Judicature]

Queen and highest authority of the Rakuul Judicature

Queen Enora of Rynil [Coruthal, Ma Zilezta]

Leader of the Coruthal, the fair elves

High King Torgun Stormbringer [Myndynagaer Realm]

Leader of the Myndynagaer realm and Gnomerran Commonwealth

Count Keemik Goldspittle [Gnomerran Commonwealth, Myndynagaer Realm]

Authority, Speaker, and Leader of the Gnomerran Commonwealth, answers to the High King

Campaign Encounter Edit

Knight Commander Tercille Avignus, Order of the Scarlet Tear [Citadel of the Sancterion]

Famous Paladin, once fallen from grace within the Order of the Radiant Souls, found redemption in the eyes of Ulrik. Once charged with instructing Justicar Argonzus Lazorn in the ways of the paladin.

Imperial Beacon Regan Taervo, Torch Unit of the Venaeger Elites [Stihl Empire]

Torch operative of the Stihl Empire, was once tasked with monitoring Consul Asrahim Lazorn, investigator of rising Underlich cult activity in the Empire.

Arbistrate Elus Tasek of Coinmonger's Fluss [Stihl Empire]

Drunken governor of Coinmonger's Fluss, takes his position very lightly, rewarded a group of adventurers for foiling a destructive plot 

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