Want to think, speak, and act like a true member of the Arcazin Universe? Below you will find fun little ways to make your next game even more immersive. XP can even be rewarded for contextual and relevant usage of the below. 


Acorns - testicles

Ankle Biting Tinkertot - derogatory term against gnomes

Barksniffer - derogatory term against elves

Bird Boned - derogatory term against elves

Bleeding - fucking, eg; "You bleeding fool!"

Dew Drinker - derogatory term against elves

Dire Halfing - derogatory term against humans

Discount Dryad - derogatory term against elves

Gibbering Mouther - Accuses one of blathering or having a reputation of speaking nonsense

Gods Damn It - Arcazin has a plethora of gods, therefore any 'in vain' curse involving God must be in plural form. eg; "My gods", "Gods save you"'' 

Graceless Elf - derogatory term against humans

Greenskin - derogatory term against half-orcs/orcs/goblins

Io's Arse - exclamation, eg; "Io's arse! You scared the life out of me!"

Leaf Licker - derogatory term against elves

Lumberfoot - derogatory term against humans

Mushroom Sucker - derogatory term against gnomes

Softskin - derogatory term against humans

Udders - breasts (male or female)

Whingin' Evan - One who complains frequently, or their actions ruin everyone else's good time


"Everything turns to dust." - Suggests that nothing is forever. eg; "Aye, they outnumber us 20 to 1 and the outlook is grim. But remember, they are human just like us, and everything turns to dust!" A D&D YOLO, when appropriate.

"Eyes of Hrayr." - Suggests one is possessed by Hrayr the Aspect of Wrath, or has acted in a wrathful way. eg;"The stablehand had the Eyes of Hrayr when the noble kissed his wife's hand, I swear it." or "She looked at me with the Eyes of Hrayr as she slit the throat of my mistress."

"He's off to Bedlam." or  "You're off to Bedlam." - Reference to the domain of Talmir. Suggests one is insane and has lost their mind.

"I hear the call of Nira."  - Reference to Nira, the Blesser of the Seed. Horny. It means you are horny.

"If the Thousand will it." - Reference to the cherubs of Phineas, God of Opportunity. Typically a statement or response used towards taking a chance or a gamble. "The enemy surrounds our walls, gates, and have set our winter larders aflame. We can survive this siege, if the Thousand will it."

"It's colder than Nethe's tit out here!"The Goddess of Mortality's body temperature is assumed to be as cold as her demeanor

"May your consequence be just." or "May the consequence be just." - Rakuuli phrase to wish one the fairest outcome of a situation.

"Three shakes of Tydel's tail" - Nautical phrase for completing a task quickly, referencing the Granter of Safe Passage and King of Cats, Tydel.

"Ulrik's beard" or "Ulrik's salty beard" - Asserts buffoonery, or a request from the Weeping God to grant patience for suffering foolishness, ineptness, etc. eg; "Ulrik's beard, were you about to bring a lit torch into the city sewer?"

"Zaratoth find you!" The demigod Zaratoth searches for those who escape their own destined death, therefore this phrase wishes immediate death upon the one the phrase is directed to.

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