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The steps below outline the process to make a character in the Arcazin universe. Things such as Race, selected Deity, or Culture* can impact your abilities, skills, and/or spells. If there is a question during the process this guide does not cover consult your DM.

Here is a Character Sheet that we found and have modified for ease of use. ***MAKE A COPY BEFORE EDITING***

*Culture benefits apply fully to humans, and partially to half-elves (see DM for assistance)

Character Creation Edit

Abilities Edit

Abilities determine your modifier on majority of rolls and checks you make.

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma

For more clarification on abilities please consult this link or the 3.5e D&D Player's Handbook.

Roll 4d6, drop the lowest. Ones stack and reroll, but you have to drop the next lowest die in order to reroll. ie; You roll a 6, 3, 2, 1. If you choose to you can keep the 1 and drop the 2. This would give you 6+3+1 = 10, and then reroll that 1. Let's say the reroll has given you a 4, so now you can add that 4 to the 10, giving you a total score of 14 as opposed to the 11 you would have had if you stayed with the 6, 3, and 2.

Level 1 starting player abilities can not exceed a score of 19.

Race and Origination Edit

The Races page contains the playable races of Arcazin and the racial traits (and cultural traits for Humans)

The Kingdoms and Territories page is used to determine where your new character is from or where they reside in the world of Arcazin. It provides flavor for what your character's view of the world is, and may even provide an added perk such as a skill or possible trait. (Consult DM as needed for potential free stuff.)

Class Edit

Arcazin isn't limited to only the classes of the Player's Handbook, but also utilizes classes from the Complete Adventurer, Complete Arcana, Complete Divine, and Complete Warrior supplemental books. Click here for the playable classes page.

Deity Edit

Arcazin comes with a rich and vast Pantheon of gods and lesser entities that are very much real and influence and impact the lives of mortals regularly. From The Pantheon page there is a list of higher powers to choose from, and your choice can come with a DM-given perk or blessing.

Atheism is always a possibility, but it is not recommended, as the God of Opportunity, Phineas, takes special enjoyment in antagonizing non-believers.

Refer to the Domains page for an idea of what kind of person follows which god.

God Restrictions:

- Paladins: Though Paladins can follow as many gods of their choosing as they want, their prime deity must be either: Aurelia, Io, Ulrik, or Volkyr

- Clerics can choose whatever god fits their Good/Neutral/Evil alignment. Follower of Ziliya, Cleric of Love? Why not? Do it.

Skills Edit

Based upon your intelligence modifier and class apply your skill points where desired.

Character Sheet Tip: The area of 'skill point base' is base points you receive from your class without your intelligence modifier. For example, a druid has a class skill point base of 4. Input this into the grey box of the sheet and as you level it will keep track of how many skill points you should have total, as well as a separate indicator of how many skill points you receive (class base + intelligence modifier) per level after level 1.


Feats Edit

Feats are determined by class, and race. Here is a comprehensive guide to feats. Otherwise please review the 3.5e Player's Handbook.

Equipment Edit

Chapter 7, Page 111 of the 3.5e Player's Handbook contains the lists of equipment. Some supplement items are useable, but require DM approval first. Also, your gear is not necessarily limited to what is within the handbook. Maybe the breastplate you don once belonged to a heroic relative of yours, made of the finest metals with your family crest beautifully engraved into it, effectively giving you 1 rank to Diplomacy. Be creative, be unique. (Please note any bonus from 'custom' equipment has to be approved or provided by the DM.)

Descriptors and Background Edit

Knowing what your character looks like and what they've been through up until the campaign they enter is one of the biggest parts of the game. It's hard to identify with or create a bond with your character if you don't know what drives them. If you're having trouble coming up with something you can always defer to the Kingdoms and Territories and Races page for inspiration.

FAQ Edit

Q: I want to be a samurai but I want to be a halfling who rides with the K'vochi Nomads, not a human from the Ako Shogunate. Is that okay?

A: Absolutely! Though the creator of Arcazin strives for continuity, it's also important to allow freedom of choice. A samurai is a lifestyle and state of mind, bound to honor and duty from wherever they place it. A samurai of Ako finds honor in serving her lord to the death, whereas a halfling samurai of the K'vochi Nomads may find honor and duty in protecting his caravan from marauders and monsters.

Q: If I decide to be a devout follower of five gods do I get bonuses from each?

A: No. Bonuses from gods can vary, though they usually provide a small buff or bonus to your character, and are intended to accent the individuality of your character. Though you may follow three gods if you choose, you will want to designate your favored deity. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean that in-game rewards can't happen from appeasing or aiding your less-favored deities. The gods exist whether you prefer them or not.

Q: This is a lot, do I really have to pick a god and/or a place of origin?

A: No, you do not. As long as you follow through with the standard process of 3.5e character creation the added elements of Arcazin can be mediated by the DM if you prefer. Deity or lack thereof, and origin can be provided by the DM. It'll be up to you on how big of a role those aspects play in your character's life. In the end, a lot of the Arcazin-specific content is added for flavor and immersion. Arcazin in itself, is intended for players who want a rich story and fully fleshed character to portray. If rolling dice to melt face is all you want, then Arcazin may not be the right game for you.

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